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Terms & Conditions


The following rules apply for staying at Gleeson’s Holiday Park:

  • The Mobile Home/Caravan shall always remain in the ownership of the person with whom the agreement has been made.
  • Leasing or sub-leasing the Mobile Home/Caravan is not permitted.
  • The Mobile Home/Caravan cannot be sold to a third party without the consent of the caravan park owners.
  • The Mobile Home/Caravan cannot be given from one family member to another, as this will effectively be a Lease or Sub Lease  to a third party.
  • There can be no change from the original agreement made without consultation and the full approval of the caravan park owners, and the caravan park owners will be the final arbiters as to whether such an alteration is appropriate.
  • All the users of the Mobile Home/Caravans will abide by the normal standards of behaviour, applicable to any holiday development and anti social behaviour will not be tolerated by the park owners.
  • The maximum speed limit throughout the Mobile Home/Caravan park is 15 K.M.P.H.

Notes for Conclusion of the Season

At the end of each season please ensure to:

  • Securely anchor the Mobile against storms
  • Disconnect the water and the main valve and drain off water systems
  • Disconnect gas cylinders and store safely
  • Turn off electricity at the main switch
  • Ensure all windows and doors are securely locked and articles of value are removed.